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human versions of copper and booker because they are precious

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I don’t know what to draw but then I felt like drawing my cat husband Rover.


just, no

he’s mine


back of hes mine

Woah there people are you looking for a fight?

Can you even begin to fathom how much I like this fucking cat?

The Roost

Wait I’m confused, how is this WW? Did they report it for the Wii(U)??

It’s the emulator I’m using since I have a better pc I can use the option to render the 3d at 4x native res. Besides it looks closer to around GC graphics than WiiU.

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ugh I don't know what to do, someone I don't even know sent me a message asking for one of my villagers, and it's not really one that I would give away and I feel bad

You don’t have to give any of your villagers away their yours and you’re not obligated to do anything especially for a stranger.

Last time someone asked me for a villager I told them that it’s discourteous to just ask for some villager if I didn’t say I was moving them out or at least showed that I disliked them.

Wow the furniture models look sharper and like a million times better.