Muffy on #16 or Diva on #75

There are people that don’t appreciate the perfection that is Diva.

Hi! sorry to bother but i looked everywhere and i cant find the QR code for the like stepping stones you have here before your actual path starts on this post of yours /post/90289658493 If you know where i can find them that would be great! :3


GRR I CANT FIND IT anyone know where this stone path piece qr is??image


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// yanichiiii​ i did the thing


» Evolution of Snooty Villagers
Gamecube: Stop wasting my life. You're completely useless.
Wild World: Can you get out of my way forever.
City Folk: Okay, calm down please.
New Leaf: You are a beautiful human being and nothing can stop you.
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I think my characters are cute sometimes but I never really remember to draw them.

Also recently I got this error happen coming out of the home menu (but that might be 3ds related) and I’ve had my game stuck after releasing a flea which were both more annoying since I had to turn it off and lose progress.

Thank you Katrina because I really wanted to wear this ugly ass hat to make me have good fortune.

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You probably have bad luck in friendship.

What? No like I keep talking and they give me the usual leave me alone to think for a bit dialog and I can keep talking until they say that again and it doesn’t really stop.

Also I checked and I’m having a bad item fortune today.


and saving and quitting made it normal again.

I thought Chrissy broke but I’ve been having a glitch today where the villagers tell me to leave them alone but I can still talk to them normally without them doing the thinking thing.